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Have you bought the programme or book?

Hi Adam I have been using your programme a lot over the past two years. As a result I have become World, European, U.K. And English Field Archery ChampionDee Rayner.

Yes I purchased the pdf and MP3 file What did you think? I enjoyed it immensely How have you found the exercises? Difficult to begin with but that’s always the case when you start with exercises outside of your comfort zone  Has the prograame helped your archery? Indeed, with in a year I went from shooting (720round) 500 to 604 (1440) 1012 to 1200.  During the recent 2019 para world champs  I maintained my average scores for the ranking round and elimination rounds, ranked 40th and finished 33rd.   Adrian Miller

I have both MP3 and your book when I do get a chance to relax without distractions your program works great. Brings my mind to a relaxed state while aiming. My dot acutely stops for a moment.I’m trying to use the hipbones as much as I have time for. Won a couple big state indoor matches using your program it works for me tho just listening to it I’m not sure if I’m fully under. Robert Beaulieu

Book has great information. I have used it as I grow in the competitive archery circle and I am sure that some of the techniques are also helping me with my Hunting. In the past, I would use 3D/Target archery as prep/practice for hunting. Now, I have two bows (1 target, 1 hunting) and am shooting more like a target archer in the off season, however still growing muscle memory for hunting. Chad Strecker

I did purchase your book, and have followed you on FB for a while. Honestly, I have high aspirations, and low follow through. This applies to my archery coaching duties as well. The coaching requires a huge amount of time and energy, and I find keeping my expectations low and humble helps.
This approach, I think, is echoed in your FB posts. You stress slowing down, focus on small steps then adding that confidence to another skill that needs developed.
I find great encouragement from your insights and try to implement that philosophy into our team program. Encourage, empower, excel. Daniel Davis

I wasn’t quite sure what to think of Archery Mental Mastery when I found it.  I can be a tad skeptical sometimes.  However, after downloading it, I listened to it instantly, and found it to be pretty awesome!  It was extremely relaxing, and I pictured shooting all kinds of 12-rings as I listened.  I’ve only had it a short time, but I plan on listening to it before I shoot from now on.  Pretty cool!  Thank you! Jennifer Hovda

I began to read your book today, and it is really hopeful for someone like me that discovered his love for this wonder art-sport named archery (recurve Olympic) at the edge of this sort of reborn that a man could experience with 60 years. I am 66 now. I have learned a lot, not enough of course, but something important indeed: the last frontier in mental, psychological, emotional, is the Wall that pretend to separate conscious from unconscious. And then right now, when I most needed, the appearance of your book and your training. I assure you, I going to be very grateful of that all what I will learn from your experience and work.

I would send you, if not inconvenience, the answers to those 7 very important questions under the title “Mental Preparation (Pre-shooting)”. Certainly, your appreciation of my answers is there in your book and mp3 all ready. Virgilio Colon

This is my opinion and therefore I am trying to change some things to better last few years in my club.I have two national team archers in Velos. shooting 290 indoor. so its getting tough now :)And in the search for some examples/training/practicing solutions I found you.So my plan was to find some literature and to give it a try.I plan to make a group of few people and to start with something. Its better than anything.Also I am planing to take a part in this program and inform you about details if you are interested of course.I would actually like you to give me some directions where and how to start ..etc..I hope some of your lessons will make us mentally stronger and help us reach the stars 🙂 Nebojsa Cupic

I have listen to the mp3 and it help me a lot .I am in the  Namibian National junior team for compound cadet men .I came 3rd in the European Youth Cup in Marathon Greece  .Now I am preparing for the Junior World Championships in Rosario Argentina in 2 weeks. I will listen to the mp3 every day. I am also reading your book and I enjoy it very much. Dirk de Bod

I have been using the archery mental mastery, for a while now, it has been a great  help to overcome my own personal problems with the sport. The contents of the ebook is extremely useful not only in archery but also to help me relax. The exercises are better with 2 people, as you can work together and encourage each other along. It’s great value for money, and without a doubt has helped me immensely. It doesn’t have to be applied just to archery, it can be adapted to any lifestyle.
The MP3 is always a constant reminder and great source of knowledge with its handy techniques for breathing and relaxing.
If anyone has similar issues with archery at my club I always recommend archery mental mastery.
Alls I can say is thank you very much and I will continue  reading and listening. Jeanette Clay

I would like to thank you for your book and mp3, I have noticed  a VERY LARGE difference in my archery game. Bottom line is this, I’ve never stop 5 straight ends scoring 30, on the 40 cm target. Just a drastic improvement, though it has taken some time. I will keep using your MP3. I’m still working on a few items from your book, like seeing myself do something, or seeing the arrow hit the gold before I take the shot. I’m working on it one day at a time. I believe listening to your MP3 has help some with my self image, but I need more help in this area.  Thank you again, your program has help me more than any other I’ve tried, and I’ll tell all my friends. Steven Coleman