Do You Suffer From Target Panic?

My Mp3 was developed and written by me specifically for archers with target panic in mind.

It can affect both competitive and recreational archers in many ways. Some archers suddenly freeze and experience a moment of panic or anxiety.

Target panic is a purely a psychological condition!

Anxeity can be a tough mental condition to overcome, but your mind is powerful. With the correct solution you can stop target panic now.

Mental training is the key – even if just general improvement is your goal.

I have used my knowledge of hypnosis (Over 10 years ruuning my therapy business plus the unconscious hypnotic language which will help infuence and reprogramme your unconscious mind. In a paper in the journal Behavioral and Brain Sciences it said “It’s the unconscious that’s really in charge“!

I make full use of my voice, persuasive hypnotic language and tones by delivering suggestions more indirectly, engaging with you in a much less domineering way, allowing you to ‘connect the dots’ without his having to overtly tell you how to do so…the answers and change just sort of happens.

Subtle yet powerful.

Some studies have implied the unconscious mind makes it mind up around 3 seconds before it relays information to the conscious mind. I wonder what difference it would make to have the right information within the unconscious to start with?

Just think about that statement for a moment?

Mental training is effective as it allows you to work directly at your the ‘control panel’ of your archery – the unconscious and that what my new product “Stop Target Panic Now” does !!!!

Imagine you are able to concentrate deeply, blocking out all distractions and being totally in the moment and you could feel confident holding your aim on target without any anxiety or worry.

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I wonder if you could imagine the results and the confidence that comes from knowing you feel like this, shot after shot?

Get your “Stop Target Panic Now” Mp3 today at a price that I guarantee won’t make you panic and is affordable!

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