Jonathan Milne a Paralympic Archer, an affiliated member of Archery New South Wales, Archery Australia, World Archery, and a member of the Sydney Olympic Archery Club

Jonathan has been an inspiration within our Australian archery community and he has received much acknowledgment for his dedication and hard work in achieving his goals in the sport. He is a true Australian battler overcoming his physical disability from the diving injury that he had sustained. Jono is a man with a big heart, and he has won over our respect for his selfless aid in assisting and continue to inspire others to overcome their hurdles in life. 

He was the first Australian to qualify in Paralympic archery since the 2004 Summer Paralympics

In 2015, Milne competed at the National Championships held in Morwell, Victoria, placing eighth in target and twelfth in short distance events against able-bodied athletes, and won the National Para championship. He was selected to compete for Australia at the 2015 Para World Championships.

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“Always Focus on your process. Work out how you shoot your perfect shot and break it down into individual steps and then perfect each step. If you focus on shooting a perfect shot you will shoot the score you want. If you focus on trying to shoot a score rather than your process you won’t shoot the score you want. “ 

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