Brendan Swann Age: 13

Brendan has been shooting Archery for 2 1/2 years. 5 months ago he suddenly developed target panic and some really bad habits with a hinge release. He was completely missing the bale at 18M. He was embarrassed and frustrated during archery league. He no longer trusted himself. 3 feet from the bale, he would start shaking at full draw, he couldn’t shoot it! As his dad, I feared he would quit the sport. Coach switched him to a resistance release.

It’s taken 5 months of patience and persistence. He never quit. He’s becoming more comfortable with the new release, and he’s regaining his confidence.

This past weekend on January 18th he competed in the Georgia 4-H State Indoor Tournament. He shot a 268. It put him in 20th place out of 96 archers. More importantly it was a personal best for him at 18M. He’s been an example of perseverance through a rough spot. While he may not yet be an archery mental master, he’s cleared a major hurtle and will be better off for it!

His archery tip is simply “Don’t give up, keep trying”
Thank you for your consideration,
A Proud Father, Richard Swann